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Hope. Health. Happiness. 


When Conventional Medicine Isn't Cutting It

Mindful Healing is dedicated to providing the right mental health service for each individual, couple, or family that walks through the door. Even if it's not with us. Our minds and bodies are not "one size fits all" so our treatments can't be either. At Mindful Healing, you can expect a personalized approach, collaborating with your other treatment providers as needed, whether they are psychiatrists and physicians or acupuncturists and chiropractors. We like alternative methods of healing, focusing on how our bodies can best heal ourselves if given the right tools. 

Therapy isn't just sitting in an office and talking about feelings. Of course, we do love that part, but there is more therapy has to offer. We use the best of modern technology to provide secure approaches that extend beyond the office. Our phone, email, text messaging, and video conferencing are all HIPAA secure, allowing us to serve you when you can't get here. Because – let's get real – sometimes you don't have the opportunity to come in when you most need it. Be sure to talk to your provider about what options are available to you. We also recommend apps for mood tracking, meditation, and coaching; some of which send your data straight to us for review.  

Interested in learning more? Email or call for a free consultation. We're happy to chat about what you are looking for to see if we're the best fit. Or, recommend other approaches that might work better for you.




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Areas of Practice


Traumas come in all forms from big "T" traumas such as personal violence and exposure to war, to little "t" traumas like bullying and unexpected life transitions. Trauma affects the mind and body, with different healing needed for each. Intrusive reactions such as nightmares, flashbacks, and dissociation indicate full healing has not occurred.

women's issues

Gender roles and dynamics play heavily into our society and individuals who identify as women have unique struggles and challenges. Our identities as mothers is of particular interest, including issues such as infertility, miscarriage, pregnancy, motherhood, and loss of a child. Other significant issues include sexual harassment, assault, and domestic violence. 

Identity development

Discovering who you are and finding your most satisfying way to navigate through the world starts in childhood and is an ever growing and changing part of our lives. Therapy provides a sounding board to help you discover yourself free of outside bias and preconceived notions. 

Anxiety + Stress

Anxiety is currently the most common mental health concern in the US. Therapy can help you gain insight into how you typically manage stress, develop new techniques, and identify and eliminate unneeded stressors. Mindfulness and meditation techniques are taught as highly effective methods for anxiety reduction.

Relationship Issues

Whether you are single or partnered, relationships are a part of life. Navigating those relationships and understanding your typical patterns can help you be more successful in creating lasting, supportive friendships, and feel more confident in social settings. Relationship issues are addressed as an individual or a couple. Partner issues can be either monogamous or polyamorous. 


Mindful Healing serves adolescents age 13 and up for a variety of issues. Our experience with children and teens of all ages, sense of humor, and straightforward approach helps us connect even with very shy or otherwise resistant to treatment individuals.  

Depression + Self-Harm 

Depression can be a dangerous disorder, especially when self-harm and suicidal ideation are present. With our experience in all levels of care, Mindful Healing is comfortable working with even severe cases of self-harm and able to provide support and continually assess the need for higher levels of care. 


No matter why you are coming to therapy, it is important to be in a safe space where you feel 100% accepted for who you are. Exploring your sexual orientation and/or gender identity, navigating the coming out process, or coming for something unrelated, Mindful Healing strives to provide a safe space for all.

life transitions

Every stage of life includes obstacles and challenges, whether you are a teenager going off to college for the first time or a newly empty-nester, adjusting to change can create undue stress and require additional support.


The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.
— Carl Rogers


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